Hearing Carry Over (HCO)

What is Hearing Carry Over (HCO)?

HCO is for people who can hear but have difficulty speaking over the telephone.

How does it work?

HCO users listen directly to what the other person says and respond by typing their side of the conversation on a TTY (text telephone) or HCO phone. The Louisiana Relay Communication Assistant (CA) voices the typed words to the other person.

Louisiana Relay strongly encourages HCO users to establish a Customer Profile—a personal profile that automatically lets the CA know your communication preferences.

Do I need any special equipment?

A TTY or HCO phone is required to use HCO. You may qualify for a free TTY or HCO phone through the Louisiana EDP.

How to make a HCO call?

For information on how to make a HCO call click here.