Grant Program

Grant Program

The LA RAB has created a grant program designed to support Louisiana-based nonprofit organizations, preferably organizations recognized as 501(c)(3) charities under the United States Internal Revenue Code as well as initiatives sponsored by deaf-owned for-profit organizations.

Such entities ideally will have a principal or secondary purpose of promoting programs or services central to Louisiana’s d/Deaf, DeafBlind, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired communities.

Grant cycles open every January and end in December.  If you have not received a grant in the previous year, you may submit an application at any time between February and November.  If you have received a grant the previous year, you must wait a full year (365 days) from the time your previous grant was approved before you may be eligible to receive additional funds.  However, you may submit a new Letter of Intent to begin the application process up to 60 days prior to your annual eligibility date.

To Apply

Step 1: Fill out a Letter of Intent and email to

Click To Download the Letter of Intent

Step 2: Wait to be contacted with a preliminary decision.

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If the Letter of Intent is submitted and approved by LA RAB Board of Directors, you will be notified and required to submit a grant application and additional documentation. Communication about the grant will be through the contact person/email address provided on the Letter of Intent.

Grant Application- Please do not submit an application until you have been notified of your approved Notice of Intent.  You may review the expectation requirements on the attachment as you wait for RAB’s decision.

Step 3: Wait to be contacted with the final decision.

Applications are collected and reviewed by the LA RAB Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. LA RAB will review all applications diligently and may ask follow-up questions of the applicant as needed. LA RAB may award the applicant all, some, or none of the requested funds and will explain its decision to the applicant.

Step 4:  Complete Grant Agreement (if approved)

If an application is approved for grant funding by the board, the grant relationship will be memorialized with a separate grant agreement. The Grant Agreement will be sent to you for review and approval, and must be sent back to LA RAB signed, along with any additional requested information.

Step 5:  Receive Funds (if approved)

Once Grant Agreement and any additional documentation required has been received and reviewed, LA RAB will issue the grant in a one-time payment which is effective for a period of one year. 

Documentation and Audit Rights

RAB may request at any point written documentation or reports as to progress and proof of appropriate spending of grant funds. RAB may seek reimbursement for misuse of grant funds.

Thank you for your support of LA RAB’s mission. We appreciate your service to LA RAB’s key constituents.