TTY (Text Telephone)

What is a TTY?

Relay users often use a TTY (text telephone) to communicate through Louisiana Relay. During a call, TTY users type their side of the conversation and read the other person’s response on their TTY’s text screen.

TTY users can call people through Louisiana Relay or call other TTY users directly. Louisiana Relay strongly encourages TTY users to establish a Customer Profile—a personal profile that automatically lets the Communication Assistant (CA) know your communication preferences.

How can I get a TTY?

Free TTYs are available through the Louisiana EDP for those who qualify medically and financially.

How to make a TTY call

For information on how to make a TTY call click here.

Helpful abbreviations:

GA = Go Ahead (i.e., your turn to talk)
SK = Stop Keying (i.e., I’m finished/no more to talk about)
GA TO SK (GA OR SK) = I’m finished but if you have something else to say, go ahead.
Q = ?
U = You
R = Are
UR = Your
CUZ = Because
HD OR HLD = Hold
PLS = Please
THX = Thank You
NBR = Number
CA = Communication Assistant
SMILE (shows something makes you happy/is funny)
HA HA HA (shows something is really funny/made you laugh/is a joke)
HMMM (you are thinking about something)