LA Relay Captioned Telephone (analog/landline)

What is Captioned Telephone?

Captioned Telephone (CapTel®) service allows individuals who have difficulty hearing over the telephone to listen while reading captions of what the other person says. CapTel users speak directly to the other person, and when the other person responds, are able to read word-for-word captions that appear on the screen of a CapTel telephone. The captioning service is provided at no cost to the user. Long distance charges may apply.

How does it work?

CapTel phones work similarly to amplified telephones, with an essential difference: it displays word-for-word text of everything the other person says on the screen of the phone. Behind the scenes, a specially trained operator uses the latest in voice recognition technology to generate captions that appear nearly simultaneously with the spoken word.

Do I need any special equipment?

To use Louisiana Captioned Telephone service, a CapTel® phone, landline telephone service (analog or DSL with an analog filter), and standard electrical power are required. The CapTel phone has a variety of features, including a bright, easy-to-read text screen, built-in answering machine, amplification and tone control for maximum clarity, and a captions button that allows users to turn captions on and off as needed. (Note: if the captions button is not turned ON, the CapTel phone functions as a traditional phone.)

Free landline-based CapTel phones are available through the Louisiana EDP to those who qualify medically and financially.

You can also purchase a CapTel phone directly from:

Weitbrecht Communications: Visit or call 1-800-233-9130. The cost of the phone is $75, and it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

How to make a CapTel call?

For information on how to make a CapTel call click here.

Long distance calling with CapTel:

Long distance charges may apply. In order to make long distance calls, you will need to register your long distance provider with CapTel Customer Service. If you have family and friends who call you long distance, ask them to register their preferred long distance provider as well. To reach CapTel Customer Service, call 1-888-269-7477.